Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Jane Blocks 30 - 32

Dear Jane ~ K 7   Rose of Sharing
Block #30,  414 pieces
Feed sack fabric

Dear Jane ~ J 12   Rebecca's Basket
Block #31,  423 pieces

Dear Jane ~ J 12    Hot Cross Buns
Block #32, 438 pieces

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Jane Block 27 - 29

Dear Jane ~ an original ~ Open Window
Block #27, 341 pieces

Dear Jane ~ M11  Rickshaw
Block #28, 372 pieces
This one is done by mom....I know it's wonky but....it's by mom.

Dear Jane ~ K 2    Grandpa's Chickens
Block #29, 412 pieces

One or two more nights depending on if they cancel me tomorrow.  I am headed into work right now after having slept all day.  Tomorrow I am on call.  Matt has a lacrosse game on Wednesday and Thursday this week and Sarah arrives home from college on Wednesday. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dear Jane Block 22 - 26

Dear Jane ~ B 1  Batchelor's Buttons
Block # 22, 274 pieces so far

Dear Jane ~ H 12 Hannah Lou's Hearts
Block # 23, 276 pieces

Dear Jane ~  M 7 Junko's Rose Garden
Block # 24, 278 pieces so far
Mom did this one.  It's a little crocked but I love it all the same.

Dear Jane ~  E 5 Mama's Maze
Block # 25, 310 pieces so far
Mom did this one too, I might have to redo this one because it is completely off kilter.  What do you think.  Is it more important to have this one in here made by mom or should I be a perfectionist and redo it because it is very off?

Dear Jane ~ L 8 Box Kite
Block # 26, 321 pieces

After celebrating out Anniversary on Friday, I got to take it easy.  I go back to nights starting tonight.  I am going to take a nap first.  Hope everyone had  a great weekend!  I know I did.  Looking forward to our daughter visiting from college on Wednesday for Easter weekend.  She is a sophmore at PEACE COLLEGE in Raleigh NC (a private all girls college).  She studies Forensic Anthrology. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Wedding Anniversary

Our Wedding March 26, 2004
Fisherman's Wharf SF
Hollywood Ca
SanFran, CA
Misson Beach
Christmas 2004
Christmas 2008

Not only have we become rounder over the past SIX years, we have become more in love with each other.  I adore my husband and I am lucky for having found such a best friend! 

Here is a little of our history....We met about 8 years ago via an on-line dating service called Match.com!  I know it's hard to believe but it's true.  I had to go through a fair number of guys to find him.  Within 3 weeks of dating, I knew he was the one for me.  We were engaged within 5 months and married about a year later.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Janes blocks 19 - 21

Dear Jane M 8 ~ Enchanted square
my 19th block = 246 pieces so far
Dear Jane J 11 ~ Twin Sister
my 20th block = 253 pieces so far
Dear Jane M 12 ~ Hopscotch
my 21st block = 272 pieces so far!
These blocks are becoming more difficult.  I started out making the easier ones and leaving the harder ones til later.  Some of the blocks are rediculous and require great patience and skill.

Matt played my old high school yesterday! He plays lacrosse and he is a freshman in high school.  He plays the attack position (the scoring position) and scored 2 goals!  His coach choose him to be the Junior Varsity Team Captain.  I am very proud of my honor role star athlete!  Way to go Matt!  Thanks for beating my high school! 
The Hammond Gold Bears played Wilde Lake's Wildcats (my old high school)
Final score Hammond 6 Wilde Lake 3
Way to go Matt! 

Almost finished working day shift for the week and then it's back to night shift next week.  Today something funny happened......a NICU family member came in to visit a grandbaby today while I was working and asked for Stephanie.  Turns out they are friends with Pat ,  Kathy, and Kaye!  Kaye must have known she was coming to visit the NICU to see her grandbaby and told them to look me up.  Turns out it's a small world.  It is amazing to me that people all over the world can talk and get to know each other and end up knowing someone who knows you.  AMAZING! 

Tomorrow is my anniversary and I am excited to celebrate 6 years with my husband.  I will share some info about us tomorrow!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Decorative Pill Bottles

Decorative Pill Bottles

These pill bottles were made with Decoupage.  They were easy to do and fun as well.  I used fabric, ribbon, DMC floss and buttons. 
I put fabric under the clear lid and embellished to top with a button.

This is a Nexium sample bottle my doctor gave me.  This button fit nicely on top for decoration
This is a glucose test strip bottle.

This is an Advil mini bottle. 

What do you think?  I think it's a cuter way to carry your pills.  I am enjoying a great weekend with family.  I have to work day shift this week.  It's a change and looking forward to being home every night this week.  Have a great week. 

National Quilting Day, Dear Jane and Breast Cancer

Dear Jane G 4 Papa's Star
This has to be the hardest Dear Jane I have done so far.  I was using colorful language while doing this one!  It is appropriate that on National Quilting Day that I try something I had never done before.  It proves to me how challenging quilting can be.  It is an ART!!  I believe we are artists.  I might be copying a design or following a pattern, but I have been sewing since I was in elementry school many years ago and this block has to be one of the most challenging things I have done.  I am still learning and evolving as an artist.  Artists around the world should be proud of the impact their quilts have on generations to come.  Happy National Quilting Day to all.  This square makes number 18 and 211 pieces so far. 
I wanted to take a minute to think about two special friends... Suzanne my neighbor and Dannette my co-worker.  Both were diagnosed this week with breast cancer.  I am keeping both of you in my prayers.  You are both amazing women with wonderful families.  Your strength amazes me.  May God give you both peace!  You will both be in my thoughts for the next coming months. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Jane D8 Dee Dee's Delight

Dear Jane D8 Dee Dee's Delights

It's been a busy week, mostly working alot and not really having time to blog.  This is a great block that I simply did reverse applique so it's only 2 pieces.  This makes block number 17 and a total of 180 pieces so far!  I am so excited to have another weekend.  It's a surprise weekend off because work needed me to work days next week.  I work tonight but then off Sat/Sun.  I think this weekend is going to great weather and I am looking forward to enjoying working in the garden.  Have a great weekend! 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear Jane ~ D7, F4 and H13

Dear Jane ~ D-7 Meeting Place
These were made by mom, she came to dinner tonight and brought these with her.  After taking this picture I had tightened the threads in her applique and it looks much better.  This one is completely appliqued into place.
Dear Jane ~ F-4 Old Windmill
Simple paper piecing

Dear Jane ~ H-13 Farm Fields
This one she used her bias tape maker and then appliqued the strips into place.

These were very easy according to mom, what would I do without her?  Certainly could not get them done as fast without her help.  I am off all day and plan on sewing as much as possible.  This makes blocks number 14, 15 and 16.  A total of 178 pieces so far. 
Today my son Jimmy is headed to WVU (West Virginia University) on a 4 hr drive (by himself) to check out the college and see if that is where he wants to go next year.  He has been admitted into the Engineering Major but has been admitted to three other colleges as well and now has to decide which school.  Big decisions!  This one is his decision!  I am willing to support any decision he makes.  I decided since he is 21, he could certainly go by himself to check out the colleges.  Last week when he went to another school by himself because it was the kind of tour that included actually sitting in class with other students.  He liked this way of experiencing the school because he was able to mingle with the students without MOM around.  It is hard to get used to the fact that three of our kids will be away at college next year with Matt being the only one left at home.  SCAREY!  Anyway, I will be the edge of my seat all day worried about him getting there safely and getting home tomorrow. 
Jimmy 21 years old

My son Matthew (my baby) is a freshman in High School this year and Lacrosse tryouts just finished.  At the end of tryouts he had to sit down with the JV and Varsity Coach.  He was so nervous.  The coaches told him he is the most experienced player they have ever had come through the school (he has been playing as long as he could walk since his two brothers played lacrosse with him and taught him well)!  They told him he made the team, first string and asked him to be the Captain of the JV Team!  I am so proud of him.  I will be at all the games my work schedule allows.  Way to go Matt!  
Matt 15 years old

My son Paul will be coming home for Spring break tonight.  He is a Freshman at MICA (Md Institute College of Art) and is getting his Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography.  I wanted to share with you this photo of his.  I think it would make a really cool quilt!  I don't really know how he did it, but he is learning so much at school, he has passed my photoshop abilities by leaps and bounds.   
Graffiti by Paul Warren
Paul 18 years old

Kevin's daughter Sarah is in Raleigh (a sophmore at Peace College, a private all-girls liberal arts college). For spring break next week she is headed to Phoenix (to visit with her Aunt) and California (to see her mom).  Her mom recently moved to California so we are now her closest parents.  She arrives home on the 31'st for a long Easter break weekend.  Her major is Forensic Anthropology.  She wants to be a "BONES" lady.  This summer she has been selected to go to Mexico for an internship.  She is doing great at school and still manages to find time to be babysit.  Here she is with one her favorite little friends she babysits for all the time in Raleigh. 
Sarah 20 years old

Well, I hope to not bore you guys with my kids info.....but I am so proud of all of them.  I will from time to time share their accomplishments with you.  Take care and have a great weekend! 



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