Thursday, June 13, 2013

Featured in's blog

One of our past customers has featured us in a blog she writes:'s blog.  The article is titled: "6 secrets to keeping your car tidy when you have kids".  Our car trash bag is the 4th tip.

Thanks Sarah!  


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Matthew Graduates High School!

Dale joins in the fun!
May was a very busy month for us.  First Paul graduated from college (see below posting) and then Matt graduated from high school.  This makes two done college and two to go.  Matt is our last child to head off to college.  He will be starting at the local community college until he decides what he wants to do.   It's probably something with computers (even though I am trying to convince him in nursing).   

Hammond High School 
Columbia MD 
Class of 2013

Paul (our middle son) with Matt 
our youngest. 

Kevin and me with Matt

Matt and Katie

Now I need to rest!!!


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